07/11/2019 2nd Athens Cardiovascular & Thoracic Symposium | S. Kalliafas | Urgent endovascular repair of suprarenal aortic perforation during TAVI



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18:50-21:10 Aortic Dissections/ Transection/ Trauma
Πρόεδροι: E. Brountzos,M. Khoury,F. Sigala,A. Trikas
18:50-19:00 Single stage hybrid repair for De Bakey type I aortic dissection
. Tzilalis
19:00-19:10 Innominate artery dissection mimicking saccular aortic rupture
C. Kotoulas
19:10-19:20 Treatment of a type II post dissection TAAA with one renal artery originating from false lumen
T. Bisdas
19:20-19:30 Right axillary and left femoral artery perfusion for repair of posttraumatic aortic arch disruption
T. Karaiskos
19:30-19:40 Endovascular treatment of subacute type B thoracic dissection in a young patient
T. Kratimenos
19:40-19:50 Urgent endovascular repair of suprarenal aortic perforation during TAVI
S. Kalliafas
19:50-20:00 Valve sparing procedure (DAVID) in acute Type I Dissection
D. Iliopoulos
20:00-20:10 Left Carotid Cannulation for acute aortic dissection
V. Patris
20:10-20:20 Treatment options of the pseudolumen in chronic residual dissection following type A repair
V. Zymvragoudakis
20:20-20:30 Frozen Elephant trunk in acute type A aortic dissection
P. Tsipas
20:30-20:40 Fungal aortitis
M. Zymatoura
20:40-20:50 When is “enough”, regarding Treatment of Acute complicated Type-B Aortic Dissection?
V. Katsikas
20:50-21:00 Acute type A aortic dissection presented with cardiac arrest
N. Baikoussis
21:00-21:10 A rare case of septicemia and anemia
D. Dougenis

Watch the 2nd Athens Cardiovascular & Thoracic Symposium that will take place November 7-9, 2019 at the Divani Caravel hotel, Athens.

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